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CitiBuilders, Inc. - San Jose, California

Our experience with new home builders, small businesses, startups, public works projects and even Fortune 100 companies has established our universal influence at performance and results. We are committed to delivering the results you need without sacrificing the quality and integrity you demand in development.

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2 North 1st Street Ste 305, San Jose, CA 95113

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Commercial Construction & Design-Build San Jose

Commercial Construction Services

The very first rule of a successful construction project has virtually nothing to do with material activities such as breaking ground or tearing down walls.

Rather, the most effective and accomplished construction projects begin with preliminary procedural planning such as identifying objectives, eliminating potential barriers and allocating resources. Space limitations, permit processes, cost-prohibitive measures, usage restrictions and simply time can truly exhaust your upfront resources unless you have fundamentally sound support.

These are some initial photos of one of CitiBuilders, Inc.’s commercial development projects as we fine-tune our Blog. Thank you for visiting our new website.


CitiBuilders, Inc. is a Northern California commercial construction firm whose substantial expertise and innovative leadership continuously produce highly-regarded results.

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