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CitiBuilders, Inc. - San Jose, California

Our experience with new home builders, small businesses, startups, public works projects and even Fortune 100 companies has established our universal influence at performance and results. We are committed to delivering the results you need without sacrificing the quality and integrity you demand in development.

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2 North 1st Street Ste 305, San Jose, CA 95113

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Home is Where Your Story Begins

Home is more often than not both the beginning and ending of many great feats. Home is a place where new lives may begin, where memories are made and where happy endings lie their achievements to rest. CitiBuilders, Inc. builds new beautiful custom homes.

Residential home-ownership dreams may embrace luxury design, customized renovations, integrated technology, structural additions, accessibility needs and lifestyle variances.


In some cases, more than modification is desired or required and a new home must be constructed from humble beginnings. While the home of your hopes awaits, nothing else in your life is on hold. Your career, your family, your personal, professional and community commitments likely limit the time, energy and coordination that you can devote to making this home happen. In any event, CitiBuilders, Inc. is committed to the actualization of your concept of home and whatever that vision entails.

Our hand-selected professional team members believe that critical coordination, quality construction and proactive project ownership are more than our job, but our steadfast commitment.

Residential Services Include

  • Luxury home design
  • Land subdivision
  • Custom homes
  • Pre-construction evaluation
  • Comprehensive construction
  • Customized interior renovations
  • Expansions & additions
  • Multi-family living suitability
  • Handicap & aging accessibility
  • Hazard repair & seismic retrofitting
  • Project management, oversight & quality control

Our Residential Design Process

CitiBuilders, Inc. will work with your design team during all phases of design. However, if requested by the owner we can provide our design team to assist in this phase of the project.

Your home embodies so much more than physical space, but also functional, visual and meaningful lifestyle fundamentals. The prerequisite of any home construction project whether a single room renovation an entire new home build is a precision-based, needs-specific architectural design.


While design is traditionally thought of as the ‘fun’ part, actual designs are the result of a meticulous, exhaustive and rigorous spatial and visual process. At the forefront of the process is the homeowner’s desired outcome and ideas; below the surface there are a number of structural, functional, fiscal and practical considerations.

We believe that the ‘fun’ part is up to you, and the rest is up to us! Our residential design process begins with:

  • Complete client needs analysis.
  • Brainstorm of desired outcome: sqft, functions, amenities, materials and more.
  • Initial graphic representation.

We also understand that any compelling, quality design must be structurally, financially and technically feasible. CitiBuilder’s, Inc. doesn’t strive to design just any room or home, but delivers buildable plans that can be actualized according to your hopes, your needs, your timeline and your allocated funds.

Design Services

  • Individual living spaces
  • Complete custom home plans
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable strategies

Deliverables Include

  • Project specifications
  • Design drawings
  • Planning review
  • Public hearing
  • Building department submittal and review process
  • Cost analysis
  • 3D renderings

Pre-construction, Construction & More

With broad-cased expertise in architectural, structural and electrical and seismic fundamentals as well as civil engineering instruction, CitiBuilders, Inc. applies a guided approach to every residential construction project.

Our job isn’t to simply build structures but to empower homeowners with knowledge, design, efficiency, highlight project expectations, pinpoint challenges and conduct quality control with commitment.


Our clients have discovered that the scope of our knowledge provides unmatched levels of transparency, familiarity and ingenuity in the residential construction space. The dexterity of our knowledge base allows for the same levels of quality and integrity to be achieved whether we are renovating 500 to 5,000 square feet or more. Our customized and scalable framework represents our belief that a home investment of any size and type should be attended to with deliberate intention. Residential construction services include:


  • Construction planning & determination of phases/timelines
  • Hazard & risk analysis
  • Development of quality control measures
  • Permit processing
  • Cost estimation
  • Critical path development
  • Value engineering
  • Objectives review & assessment


  • Land subdivision
  • New home builds
  • Construction of multifamily dwellings (apartments, townhouses, condos)
  • Existing home remodeling
  • Luxury home renovations
  • New home builds
  • Historic property restorations
  • Disaster, fire & accident repair

More Residential Construction Services

  • Land Division
  • New Residential Construction & Custom Homes
  • Additional & Interior Renovations
  • Planning & Building Permit Process
  • Design-Build
  • Pre-construction Evaluation
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